Georgia Marriage License

Learn How To Obtain You Marriage License in Georgia

Almost every couple asks me, “How do I get my marriage licnese?”

I t is very easy to obtain your marriage license for weddings held n Georgia.  Read below for details and useful tips!.

Obtain your marriage license

For Georgia Residents:  If one of you is a resident of Georgia the process to obtain your marriage license is really easy.  You can obtain your license at any Probate Court, in any county in Georgia and it is valid for one year.  


For Out Of State Residents:  If both of you reside outside of Georgia you will need to obtain your marriage license in the same county that the wedding will be held.  Here are details for some of my more popular ceremony sites:

  • Athens-Clarke County:  Probate Court of Athens-Clarke County, Athens GA  706-613-3320
  • Dick’s Creek and Far Winds Waterfalls:  Lumpkin County Probate Court, Dahlonega, GA   706-864-3847
  • Helton Creek Falls: Union County Probate Court, Blairsville, GA   706-439-6006
  • Minnehaha Falls:  Rabun County Probate Court,  Clayton, GA   706-782-3614
  • Toccoa Falls:  Stephens County Probate Court,  Toccoa, GA   706-886-2828


How do you get your Marriage License?  

  • Both of you will need to appear in person with a government issued photo ID.  
  • If either of you has been married before you will likely need to produce a certified copy of your divorce decree or death certificate from your previous marriage.  
  • Just to be safe… it is wise to give your Probate Court a call before going to the courthouse to double check all details.
  • Planning Tip… Ask your Probate Court what their process is for you to obtain a Certified Copy of your license after wedding.  A Certified Copy is now required by Social Security and the DMV for name changes.  Typically, an additional fee is required to obtain your Certified Copy.  But be sure to ask about this now instead of later wasting a trip to the DMV.
  • What Does It Cost?  Court fees vary from county to county.  Typically, the costs are between $55 and $85 for your marriage license. 
  • Other Details:  There is no waiting period in Georgia.  There is also no requirement for blood tests.  Many of our couples have obtained their license the morning of their wedding and been married later that same day.
  • After The Wedding:  Your officiant will sign the license and in most cases mail it back to the Probate Court who issued it.  If you are in a hurry to obtain your certified copy you can also hand carry your signed license back to the Probate Court to be recorded.  Often you can pick up your certified copy on the spot.


Georgia Marriage License Couple
Georgia Marriage License Bride